A Walk Through London Discover the best of London

The world has been thrown a curveball, a terrible one we all hope to recover from real soon. However, there’s always a silver lining. Stick with us for the next 10 minutes and we’ll guide you there.


We understand that your long awaited vacation has been cancelled and you’re quarantined within the confines of your walls. How does discovering  the city of London from the comfort of your couch sound? Hear us out.

You can catch a glimpse of the iconic Big Ben, wander inside the British Museum and take a ride on the London Eye – all from this very screen!  It’s time to #HeadoutFromHome and we guarantee you a memorable experience.

PS: Do you still have pending cancellations with HeadoutsWe’re working round the clock to help travelers around the globe, so chat with us and we’ll resolve your queries. London

London, the cultural, economic, and political capital of the United Kingdom is a city that is as modern as can be, while still holding on to its roots. This city is the melting pot of global cultures and the diversity is reflected in the fashion, food, and day to day life in London

Experience Virtually

Thank god for videos and VR, you can (virtually) walk the historic streets of London from your couch! From the irregular pyramidal shaped Shard to the medieval Tower of London and almost all of the architectural grandeur that rises up in the West End – catch a glimpse from this very screen!

Top Sights in London

You’ll be walking these streets soon. This is just a trailer.

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